What is it?

The San Francisco Screenwriting Group is a collection of people who are interested in screenwriting as art. We meet periodically with the aims of

  • improving our own work
  • understanding the art
  • better appreciating movies in general

We aren't any kind of "networking" group. We cannot find you an agent or a producer. We don't know anyone at the studio.

Each meeting has the following agenda:

  1. the reading, a performance of the dialog from one scene
  2. two evaluations, careful reviews of plots summaries and scripts
  3. discussion of current and recent movies
  4. preparation for the next meeting

While anyone who is interested is welcome to attend one meeting as an observer, we generally ask that only members regularly attend.

There are no officers of the club, except me, Malvolio. Each meeting will have designated Meeting Organizer to arrange and run that meeting, but it's one-time and it's voluntary (but all members are expected to volunteer once in a while).

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